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Global economy, wars and corporate communication

The world today is far from resolution of its problems, and the past year brought more question marks than answers. By the same, we can speak about the deepening of phenomena or stagnation rather than a great turnaround. After 2001, reality changed irreversibly, and thereafter subject to transformation are also its actors.

Trends, challenges and technology in PR

What role does technology play in Public Relations? What was the biggest challenge to face in 2015?Top trend in 2016? Answers prepared for MistrzowieDrugiegoPlanu.pl

PR in mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions, due to their significance for organisations, need good communication. A perfectly structured deal flow often counters fear and resistance in the organisation, to ultimately fail. Barriers grow in particular below the top management level.

With Olivier Cimelière on PR trends

In the past you managed the Google communication. How would you determine the difference between being a consultant and an in-house? This is yet another issue, which seems to be ever topical. Some are convinced that only an agency, and others just the opposite. What do you think about it?

Politics, power and influence

How does management differ from power and are Polish managers aware of the difference between these two notions? Or maybe we are followers of Francis Underwood from the House of Cards – we follow our own agendas, governed by emotions and intrigues of the organisations we work in?

System solutions build success

There is no doubt, certainly communication managers should have none, that associations with the corporate brand are one of the biggest assets of an organisation – they determine not only how we perceive its products but also how we see the organisation itself.